Here come the giants

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Our Flemish Giants


This is Sugar, our Sandy Flemish doe. She is exceptionally sweet and playful. She loves her stuffed bunny. 


This is Eden, our Steel Flemish buck. He is the sweetest boy. He loves to cuddle. He loves to race across the back yard at lightening speed. 


This is EVE, our Light Grey Flemish doe. She is our youngest girl and growing very fast. 


This is Princess, our REW Flemish doe. She is a love bunny. She enjoys being petted and told that she is beautiful. 


This is Orion, our REW Flemish buck. He is quiet and serious. He watches everything and seems to be contemplating the universe. 


This is Faith, our Black doe. She is very quiet and sweet. She goes with the flow and always mellow. Her sister is Hope. 


This is Hope, our Blue doe. She has a strong personality and knows what she wants. Don't mess with her stuff. LOL. She is Faith's sister.