What happens to unwanted bunnies?

Often they are given away or let loose...

I started doing this because so many "Easter/Christmas" bunnies are given up after a few months for various reasons, most often because the person did not realize how much care they need. "I just don't have time to give him/her enough attention" is #1 reason I have been given for surrendering the bunny.  #2 reason is the person is moving and cannot take the bunny. 

Whatever the reasons are, these poor darlings do not understand why they have been removed from their families and homes and now are here. In some cases the bunnies conditions improve by coming here. Others (those who were house bunnies free roaming) are so confused and sad. Yes, bunnies get depressed. Just ask my darling Zeus. 

Please take time to consider the commitment when adopting/buying a rabbit. They can live 10+years. They are very intelligent and social. They require specific diet and housing needs (varies by breed). Medical care can be very costly as rabbits are considered exotic animals and not all animal hospitals treat rabbits.